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Ever thought about what a KTM 950 Super Enduro might look like converted to an EXC? Well, Chris Birch and his mate Will Dangar decided that they wanted to find out! Follow the progress of their SE to EXC Project and see how they plan to create this monster of a dirt bike!

Words By: Will Dangar (Read Will’s Rider Story here)

Birchy and I have both discussed the KTM 950 Super Enduro on many occasions and we came close to adding one to our Sydney quiver some time last year.  For a good 950 SE you pay upwards of $20k as they are becoming rare and very desirable.  We discovered one that had seen better days and for not a lot of dollars picked her up in Melbourne.  As there had previously been a fair amount of modifications done to the bike we decided rather than return it to stock we would convert it to an EXC version and in doing so be able to shed upwards of 10kg off the stock bike.

After trawling the internet we came across several other similar projects and set about compiling a list of mods to deliver the look and performance we were after.

So far we have completed the following . . .

  • 2-1 exhaust.  The people at CJ Designs in Wisconsin do a really neat 2-1 conversion for the 950 and they also shortened a Remus silencer to reduce weight and to get the end of the pipe away from the rear fender.
  • Rottweiler intake system.  This replaces the stock air filter as well as the complete air box which saves loads of weight high up on the bike.  Also the system once installed (bit of a mission) is a lot easier to maintain like a normal oiled filter.
  • Cockpit.  We removed the stock dash and installed an aftermarket digital speedo and hour meter.  We are running Renthal 996 bars with Jet bark busters and new KTM EXC grips.  We also fitted (Thanks to Highway Performance Bikes) an EXC headlight and front fender.  Again valuable weight loss high up on the bike.
  • Water pump.  This was replaced with a new one as the 950 had a habit of pump failure.

Over the next 2 weeks we will add the following mods, ready for a shakedown at the end of the month at the NSW stop on the KTM Adventure Training Series.

  • New front and rear brake rotors and pads plus a full brake service.
  • 16:45 gearing new chain and sprockets.
  • Mitas rubber front and rear.  (Finding the correct tyre for the rear will be a challenge with all that horsepower!!!)
  • Custom rear sub modifications to remove the tool storage compartment and to streamline the rear of the bike we will also be using an Acerbis x-led rear numberplate holder and tail light.
  • New graphic kit
  • Wiring renovation as well as fuel lines and radiator hoses.
  • Big clean and polish.
  • The front suspension will be modified by Nick Dole from Teknik to suit a more aggressive riding style and Touratech have very kindly given Chris one of there amazing rear shocks for the bike to test.

Once the bike is completed Chris will be doing some more of his big bike porn videos and we may ship it to NZ for him to race.  For me I am going to use it in a more limited capacity!!!  I will attempt to ride it in some of the areas I currently take my 250exc-f.  How successful I am remains to be seen and I certainly won’t be riding any solo missions!!!

Chris’s thoughts . . . “In my mind The 950 super enduro is the best hooligans bike KTM has ever made. They are very raw, no fuel injection, no abs, no traction control, just a monster of a dirt bike. When Will found this bike online I knew with a few mods we could make something quite special. Not really an adventure bike in the true sense but something to really enjoy slaying tires with! I can’t wait to ride and hopefully race it!”

Stay tuned for Part II in February!