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Powerful engine, cool look, fantastic chassis set-up and optimum ergonomics – the KTM 690 Enduro R unites outstanding offroad qualities with unbeatable all-round ability – plus a shape radically optimized.

It feels just as at home in the city and on rural roads as it does on gravel and tough terrain. The even more advanced single-cylinder combines the classic Enduro concept with state-of-the-art technology and sporty all-round ability with suitability for everyday use.

Perfect workmanship and impressive details reflect the typical KTM philosophy.

. . . .

Now – – that’s a great read and all, but what does it actually MEAN?

It’s one thing to read the “brochure” – – but when it comes to what the KTM 690 Enduro R can actually offer you . . . let’s forget the website marketing jargon and get some real-world insight from those who actually ride them.


Mark Wass (Wasca), KTM 690 Enduro R Owner & SEQ Adventurer

Wasca 690 Enduro R 1“The KTM 690 Enduro R is an adventure bike that has truly fueled my enthusiasm to get out there and ride with more confidence. I find myself looking for the slightly harder line on those more challenging tracks just to see how the bike and I will handle it. With each ride I’m growing in skill and ability and I feel the 690 has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more confident rider.

The 690 does this in many ways, it’s a big-bore bike with a skinny-bike feel. The very low center of gravity design brings a lightness to it’s handling. The 690’s brakes are smooth and powerful, having the ABS breaking on the front tyre gives you greater confidence that you’re not going to have the front end come out from under you in the skatey stuff.

I really enjoy Adventure Riding and have previously owned a KLR 650 and a DRZ 400. I purchased the 690 because I wanted a bike that was more comfortable doing the longer transport sections and still have the agility and power I wanted when having a little fun in the rougher tracks and single trails. The WP Suspension has been brilliant. I’m riding the 690 on the harder trails soaking up the ruts, stones and woo-boys (erosion mounds) with more aggressiveness than when I was riding the DRZ.

The KTM 690 truly does have a built in grin factor. When you turn that fly-by-wire throttle and it lights up, hold on!  Because you’re in for a pleasant surprise. I’m very happy with my decision to own a KTM 690, it’s really matched my riding style and ability with plenty of room to grow. Beware the orange fever…it’s real :D”



Grace Beastie 1Grace, KTM 690 Enduro R Owner & MotoHobo

“My partner in crime is a KTM 690 Enduro R. She’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but she’s got a safari tank, scratched up bark busters, a bad attitude and she kicks like a mule. It was love at first ride. The first time I got on a 690 Enduro and felt that kick, I knew this was the bike I wanted to wake up to every morning. Her name is Beastie”

And why a MotoHobo? Well, for the past six months Grace has made her way from Sydney to Darwin on-board Beastie, with her sights set on the ultimate destination of Paris, France.  The next step of the journey is Timor, with Beastie already en-route and Grace set to leave next week!  Follow her adventures through her Blog – BikeHedonia. https://bikehedonia.wordpress.com/


2017 KTM Adventure Rallye (47 of 767)Sprocket, Enduro Legend & KTM Rallye Support Crew

“After doing 26 4-Day Enduro’s (with number 27 next year!) – I still love my enduro riding, but I prefer the bigger adventure trips these days.  But with my roots from enduro riding, I love the smaller adventure bike, so riding the 690 Enduro R on the last two Rallye events has been fantastic. I love that bike!

I can get myself out of any situation I get into, which is important when you are support on an event, but you can still do what the big bikes do.  You can scoot along the fire trails and the highway no worries.  But you can also do anything that an EXC can – but still do the big kms of an adventure ride and spend all day on the bike and have a blast.

Like on this years Rallye, I had one day where I left at 6am and didn’t get back in until 8.30pm that night, but had an absolute ball all day.

It’s got the versatility to put a big tank on and you can go anywhere. You want single-track, no problem. 100+km on the highway, no problem.

It’s a real all-rounder. Single trail, forest trails, highways.  Plus they just keep going! Some blokes out there and have 120,000kms on them.”


RLalonde 690 Enduro R 2Rosie, Marketing Chick

“I pretty much have the best job in the world — sorry to rub it in, but it’s true! I get to recce the adventure events that we host, which means long days in the saddle testing tracks and location scouting.  The reality is somewhat different from the rose-coloured portrayal on Facebook or Instagram – – as it’s fairly common to spend 9 or 10 hours on the bike and if we don’t arrive after dark at least three times on a recce, we aren’t doing our job properly.

Plus – whenever we do these recce rides I’m generally attempting to keep up with people like Jeff Leisk, Chris Birch or Nick Selleck – – which is slightly stressful!  It means I need a bike I can trust and rely on to get me through any terrain – – without assistance from anyone else. And that’s where the 690 shines.

I can pick it up myself, I can get through most any tracks (Nick has had to push my bike out of a boggy creek once – – but that was after we pulled him out of one earlier!), and I’m not stressed about keeping up because I know I can get through most anything without having to rely on the guys to look after me.

It is a massive relief to know the trusty 690 and I can fend for ourselves, as the last thing I want to be is a burden on a recce ride. I am very conscious of holding my own and pulling my own weight – – and the 690 makes that possible.  With the addition of an a few key KTM PowerParts – Akropovic slip-on for a bit more torque down low (and that sweet sound!), Rallye pegs (which every adventure bike should have) and a Windscreen and the 690 and I are ready to tackle whatever is thrown at us.”


So now you’ve read what some real riders think of the KTM 690 Enduro R – – it might be time to make up your own mind on this sensational little adventure weapon.

KTM 690 Enduro R. DYNAMIC CORNERING FUN? Pfft . . .That’s just the start.

Available now from your local KTM dealer.