When it comes to purchasing parts for your orange pride and joy, we know that you want the best.

But we understand the realities of life — and with the amount of aftermarket products available, it can be easy to forget why purchasing Genuine or Original Spare Parts for your KTM is important.  But it’s not just us – the manufacturer – who is saying this! Buying Genuine and ensuring the quality of parts that you purchase for your motorcycle is so important that there is – not even joking – a dedicated website explaining the benefits of Genuine Parts and why you should use them!

Granted, this site is based on the Automotive industry and pertains to all vehicles, not just motorcycles, it still outlines the features and benefits of why Genuine Parts are Best! Albiet with slightly corny graphics and theme, the site takes the time to explain the difference between Genuine parts and aftermarket and the reasons why you should stick with Genuine. See – it’s not just us who preaches this stuff 🙂

There is a reason why all KTM Genuine Parts are made to the same exacting standards as our motorcycles, and are designed specifically for each model. It means each part will fit perfectly and meet the high quality standards of your KTM motorcycle. Because we know – as a KTM rider – that you expect the best when it comes to performance and quality.  Even in terms of price – as we know it does come down to the wallet – Genuine parts and products are utlimately the better choice, when the overall costs of a motorcycles entire service life are taken into account. In other words – by opting for KTM Genuine Parts, you can never go wrong.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out http://genuineisbest.com.au and see for yourself what others are saying.